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Grants for 4-th International Summer School «Nanotechnology: from fundamental research to innovations»

Get the Travel grants for participants of the 4-th International Summer School «Nanotechnology: from fundamental research to innovations», 19 - 26 August 2017, Migove, Chernivtsi region, Ukraine.

The travel grants for young scientists and PhD students from Poland are announced due to the fact that the Representation of Polish Academy of Science "PAN" in Kyiv is Co-organizer of the 4-th International Summer school. This grant will cover travel cost (not more 200€) of young Polish scientists for participation in the Summer School in Ukraine. Anyone who wants to receive the grant must complete the registration form.

The list of winners who will receive travel grant will be published on Summer School's website on 1st of July 2017.

This travel cost will be reimbursed by PAN after receiving the originals of documents confirming the travel expenses.

Scientific program

  • Nanoobjects microscopy;
  • Nanocomposites and nanomaterials;
  • Nanostructured surfaces;
  • Nanooptics and photonics;
  • Nanoplasmonics and surface enhanced spectroscopy;
  • Nanochemistry and biotechnology;
  • Nanoscale physics;
  • Physico-Chemical nanomaterials science.


Important dates

  • Registration deadline - 30.04.2017;
  • Starting of Abstract submission - 1.05.2017;
  • Abstract submission deadline - 30.05.2017;
  • Starting of Summer school - 19.08.2017;
  • Finishing of Summer school - 26.08.2017.
Data składania wniosków:
Nie, 2017-04-30 (Cały dzień)


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